The O’Farrell Collection Volume 3, Ancient to Modern


This volume contains 3 original compositions by Anne-Marie O’Farrell for solo lever harp and all are suitable for an instrument tuned in E flat major: ‘Prelude’ is intermediate level, lasts 1’35 and contains one lever change. ‘Chorale Variations on Deus Meus Adiuva Me’ is for lower advanced level, lasts 4’00 and is suitable for liturgy or concert performance. It is in G minor, has some lever changes and contains harmonics. ‘Chromatétude’ is for an advanced player looking to expand their repertoire to include some atonality. There are no lever changes, harmonics are mainly in the left hand, and include occasional use of harmonics at the twelfth, fifteenth, and seventeenth. A recording and video explaining the compositional techniques used in ‘Chromatétude’ is here.

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