Set of 3 – The Lauding Ear


 by Anne-Marie O’Farrell and Confrontations in a Cathedral by Brian Boydell.

Sof 3 copies. For pedal harp (optional wire strung harp), organ and percussion.

38 pages

The Lauding Ear (2011) and Confrontations in a Cathedral (1986), each for pedal harp, organ and percussion are now published in a single volume, enabling ease of programming and enlarging the chamber repertoire for this distinctive instrumentation. The Lauding Ear is an instrumental reflection on the musically descriptive Psalm 150, while Confontations in a Cathedral explores the sonorities created in motivic conversation between the three instruments placed apart in a reverberant space. Each work lasts ca. 10 minutes and the percussion requirements are as follows:

Percussion instrumentation:

Confrontations in a Cathedral: Roto toms, large suspended cymbal, gong, Chinese cymbal, small cymbal, tubular bells, xylophone, 4 timpani tuned to F sharp 2, B flat 2, E3, G3.

Additional percussion for The Lauding Ear: temple bowl, 2 temple gongs or similar of varying sizes, large bowl of water, towel. Timpani tuning for The Lauding Ear is G2, B2, C3, G sharp3 as indicated in bar 1 of the score.

Delivery as hard copy to postal address.

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