J.S. Bach Cello Suite no. 6 BWV1012 for Lever Harp


Drawing on recent scholarship of numerous editions and sources of Bach’s Cello Suite no. 6, this critical edition for lever harp makes this seminal work newly available in a historically informed publication designed for lever harpists.

There are six movements: Prelude, Allemande, Courante, Sarabande, Gavottes I and II, and Gigue. These range in level from intermediate (Sarabande and Gavottes) to advanced (Prelude), and movements may be performed individually, or the suite may be played in its entirety to enhance a longer recital programme.

The key of the publication is F major to facilitate E flat lever harp tuning, and the range of the complete suite fits well within that of a standard 34-string lever harp.

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