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Harp to Harp (mp3 download)


Anne-Marie O’Farrell & Brendan Power

See below for track listing and to listen to some excerpts.

The harmonica is commonly known as a harp, this is because its common names ‘mouth harp’ and ‘blues harp’ became abbreviated to ‘harp’ for short. Both the harp and the mouth harp have a linear array of notes from low to high, and both instruments have a similar gentle acoustic volume too, despite the massive disparity in size!

In February 2015 Anne-Marie drove over with three harps from Dublin to the home of Brendan Power in Canterbury, England: a small steel-strung traditional Irish harp, a mid-size Lever Harp, and a massive concert Pedal Harp. Both musicians spent an enjoyable week recording in Brendan’s home studio, with the sound of the two very different harps blending beautifully. This album is the result…

Product Description

1. The Humours of Tuaimgréine Listen to an excerpt

2. Cap and Gown Set Listen to an excerpt

3. Three Reels Listen to an excerpt

4. Give Me Your Hand Listen to an excerpt

5. The Clare Reel Listen to an excerpt

6. Amazing Grace Listen to an excerpt

7. Port na gCailleach – Sante Sana Tanzania Listen to an excerpt

8. Two Hornpipes Listen to an excerpt

9. Wexford Carol Listen to an excerpt


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