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Anne-Marie O’Farrell and Cormac de Barra

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Following on from the critical acclaim of their last album, Double Strung, this latest release from the dynamic harp duo Cormac De Barra and Anne-Marie O’Farrell showcases the best of the Irish harp. It features newly composed traditional tunes by Anne-Marie O’Farrell, fresh and lively duetting on both gut and wire strung harps, in addition to the songs in Irish, An Fhallaingín Mhuimhneach and the ever popular work-song, Amhrán na Cuiginne. The central role of Turlough O’Carolan in the canon of Irish harp repertoire is honoured here too, with an arrangement for musical quizzers of Carolan’s Sir Festus Burke concealing no fewer than five other Carolan tunes, alongside the pairing of Charles O’Connor and the graceful Lord Inchiquin for wire strung harp duet. Solos include the beautiful famine air, Johnny Seoige played by Cormac, while Anne-Marie plays her new pedal harp arrangement of Isaac Albeniz’ classic, Asturias.

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Product Description

1.An Fhallaingín Mhuimhneach arr. O’Farrell/De Barra Listen to an excerpt

2.Sir Festus Burke by Carolan arr. O’Farrell/De Barra

3. Johnny Seoighe (solo by Cormac) arr. De Barra

4. The Rollicking Goldfish/The Independent Hornpipe arr. O’Farrell/De Barra Listen to an excerpt

5.Asturias by Isaac Albeniz, arr. O’Farrell Listen to an excerpt

6. Charles O’Conor & Lord Inchiquin by Carolan arr. O’Farrell/De Barra Listen to an excerpt

7.Six Inches East of the Moon & The Astronaut’s Dilemma by O’Farrell arr. O’Farrell/De Barra

8.Amhrán na Cuiginne (with Banish Misfortune) arr. O’Farrell/De Barra

9. Port na bPúcaí arr. O’Farrell/De Barra

10.Braziliera by Darius Milhaud arr. O’Farrell

11. Ballaí Dún Droma/The Orphan/Tom Billy’s arr. O’Farrell/De Barra

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